FREE Resources

Here are some of my favorite tools & resources I like to use for my businesses.


Shopify is what I use to build the website for all of my businesses. It's extremely beginner friendly and built on utility. Best of all, it's basically free to start.

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Fiverr has quickly become one of my favorite platforms to use. Not only can you get professionals to create for you, but it is also very affordable and terms are negotiable.

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Creating graphics, logos, and editing PLR can be a very tedious process. Canva makes this really easy and you can create a solid logo in about 10 minutes.

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When it comes to the niche of selling clothing & print on demand, printful makes it so you never have to search for a manufacturer again. Very easy to use and easily integrates into Shopify.

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There are a lot of link-in-bio platforms out there on the internet, but in terms of utility and ease of use, I prefer snipfeed. You can get set up with your own link in bio very quickly. You can also sell through your link directly.

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Alli AI

With AI recently becoming popular, paying someone to do SEO for you is slowly becoming obsolete. Alli AI lets you click a button and make thousands of optimizations immediately. One membership allows you to use it for 10 websites.

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